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BAIC BJEV new intelligent charging pile design supporting intelligent operation management platform reduces development investment and operating costs.

PowerShare charging control products provide a safe charging solution for our electric vehicles. At the same time, using the power control board we can reduce the procurement cost, speed up the market launch, reduce the failure rate and improve the user experience.

– -Mr. Chen, Minister of New Energy Business Department of a well-known automobile company

In order to open up new markets, the car company focuses on the research and development of new energy vehicle technologies, which is committed to becoming the most successful new energy vehicle manufacturer in China.

PowerShare eControl power control board has achieved CP/CC control management between the power grid and the car charger according to the latest national standard. And it can automatically switch the 10/16/32A current, and the real-time voltage and current monitoring mechanism ensures safe charging. The eControl million-level switch durability is much longer than the electric vehicle battery cycle, which fully guarantees the life cycle of the electric vehicle.

PowerShare eChargerMonitor system helps our staff to provide efficient supervision and management, such as planning and implementation of charging infrastructure construction, managing the operation and safety of charging facilities, and monitoring whether the subsidies for charging facilities are actually operated.

–?Mr. Wang, the head of the charging facility management team of a city’s energy department

As a model city for the operation of charging facilities in the country, it provides solid support to become a high-tech place for the promotion and application of electric vehicles, and also provides an effective market guarantee for the city’s charging facilities industry. The city adopts new ideas and new technologies to deeply integrate the Internet + charging facilities, adopts PowerShare charging service network operation monitoring system, and builds an intelligent service platform for public charging facilities to provide convenient services for the citizens, help improve the operational efficiency and user experience of the city’s charging operators.

PowerShare whole solution of charging piles helps our products become more competitive and allows us to focus more on the production and channel building of charging piles.

–?-Mr. Song, Director of New Energy Products R&D, a large modern enterprise group in Shanghai

The group is a large-scale modern enterprise group that integrates scientific research, production and trade with high-voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment and installation, high and low voltage electrical components, explosion-proof electrical appliances and other products. It is the world’s top 500 ABB company low-voltage switch. Cabinet factory, Schneider company agreement complete sets of manufacturers, is an excellent supplier of complete sets of equipment for the construction of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

PowerShare “one-stop supporting solution” integrates power control board, intelligent motherboard, communication module and operation monitoring system, and can be supplied to the charging pile manufacturer. The matching rate is very high, so that the charging pile manufacturer can obtain a complete solution once, which includes chip, main control board, communication board, system and even LCD screen and card swiping system. This not only saves the technical cost of the charging pile manufacturer, but also shortens the development cycle of the charging pile, which was generally required for more than half a year, to one month.