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PowerShare help the charging pile industry fast intelligent

Solution for OEMs

Professional and comprehensive charging product solutions and services, as well as new online together with offline sales and promotion services.

  • Home charging

    Charging pile products; installation and maintenance; public charging; charging resource filtering, testing and certification; information collection and system access; public parking space resource development; construction, operation and maintenance management; 7X24h customer support;

  • Customized service

    Customized charging pile, charging mobile app and WeChat public account; EV owner charging data analysis; Dealer charging service and information training;

  • Marketing

    Event planning, organization and promotion; Information release, advertising push; Online and offline interactive services for car owners and car manufacturers.

Solution for CPOs(Charge Point Operators)

  • Resource service

    Parking space resource development; Value-added services; User drainage; Charging point information output and promotion;

  • Hardware products and technology solutions

    GB charging pile product; Charging pile communication module and control module; RFID card hardware support module;

  • Application software and system solutions

    Customized development of charging operation App and WeChat public account; Mobile payment; Charging network operation and maintenance management cloud platform including financial and operation and maintenance system;

  • Data analysis and mining tool solutions

    Big data analysis and mining; Value-added service development and access.

Solution for Manufacturers

Advanced embedded, intelligent product solutions and operation management cloud platform solutions.。

  • Charging pile OEM/ODM solution

    GB charging pile product OEM; Charging pile customized solution ODM; Charging pile industrial design and mold development; Application software and system solutions including APP, WeChat public account and charging network operation platform;

  • Module solution

    Charging pile communication module, control module and RFID card hardware support module.

Solution for Local government

Provide innovative models and services for the government to promote the development of new energy vehicles, and provide multi-dimensional industrial resources for the improvement of public charging facilities.

  • Innovation mode

    Share a win-win model; Internet + service solutions;

  • Data service

    Big data analysis of EV owner charging behavior; Charging point using frequency data collection; Charging information standardization service;

  • Solutions

    New energy information monitoring and standardization management; New energy Internet solutions; New energy public transportation supervision service platform; Government official electric vehicle rental service.

Solution for Commercial estate

Provide one-stop public charging product solutions and operation and maintenance services for all commercial real estate developers, owners, property management companies and parking lot management companies who own parking space resources.

  • Charging station construction and product service

    GB charging pile products; Charging pile billing and settlement system; Intelligent parking space solution; WeChat public account and App customized development and access; Survey, design and construction;

  • Operation and management services

    Customized develop the operation management system; Charging SaaS operation service; Charging piles maintenance and management; 7x24h customer support;

  • Big data value-added services

    Parking space advertisements; App customized advertising and information push; EV owner charging behavior data analysis; Charging service and operation platform access; Value-added service development and acquisition; User drainage and promotion.

Do you need a customized solution?

It is not only the market that is constantly evolving, but also your needs. We will provide you with full consultation services from the project beginning to the launch of the service according to the different needs of your different fields.
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