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PowerShare AC Charging Pile

The Powershare-JingChaoli charging pile series adopts modular design, which is highly intelligent and easy to operate.
Easy installation and maintenance, beautiful appearance, small size and so on.

7-22KW Smart Networking Pile (column)

  • With overvoltage,?under voltage?and overcurrent protection,?emergency stop protection and over temperature protection.

  • It can support a variety of extended functions such as vehicle end diode detection, teardown alarm, collision alarm, and lightning protection failure alarm.

  • It is made of flame-retardant casing material and supports night lighting.

  • Support multiple communication methods, such as GPRS, 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, LAN, etc.

  • Support remote upgrades with connected to PowerShare platform.

  • Support IC card mobile APP and WeChat payment.

40KW DC Wall-mounted Charging Pile

  • Customizable 40kw AC pile

  • High charging efficiency and short charging time.

  • 20KW charging module support.

  • The electrical structure and scattering design has been fully upgraded.

  • Power controllable balance management.

Integrated/Split Superpower DC Charger

  • 60kW-400kW flexible output capacity.

  • Modular design, on-demand configuration.

  • A rich charging mode such as single and double guns.

  • Multiple communication protocol.

  • Station level monitoring server support.

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