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How do you charge your car in the era of driverless cars?

Redefine Smart Charging Fully Automatic High Power Safe and Efficient

? ? ?The future has come and mature driverless car on the market can be expected soon. The autonomous-driving technology has redefined our request for the convenience of travel, which has greatly stimulated our longing for a smart and convenient life in the future. Artificial intelligent charging robot from PowerShare solves the automatic charging problem of driverless car and realizes the real and unmanned digital age. Please imagine that we will never worry about charging trouble again. When we leave after arriving in the destination, once we turn on the smart charging system through smartphone, the car will automatically go to free charging area to enjoy robot charging service which creates a comfortable journey for us. Travel in the future will be safe, quick and easy.

Features: Provide all expectations for an ideal charging system for the future

Automatic Charging

Easy to Install

Higher Power

Low Cost

Higher Efficient



Smart Charging

Technical highlights

  • The image recognition navigation scheme has high camera precision, strong matching ability for the target, centimeter-level positioning accuracy, low cost, and low requirements on computer resources.

  • The omnidirectional drive, combined with its unique mode of operation, allows the robot to pan and rotate in any direction. With this powerful maneuverability, the vehicle can be quickly positioned in a small space. It has good performance in terms of stability, quietness and reliability, and can adapt to indoor and outdoor applications.

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