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A well-known automobile company

PowerShare provide new intelligent charging pile design which support OTA expansion and full communication network coverage including Wi-Fi, WLAN, GPRS, 3G, 4G and PLC. At the same time, its supplementary intelligent operation management platform can help reduce development investment and operating costs.


A city’s energy department

PowerShare eChargerMonitor system provides efficient supervision and management, such as planning and implementation of charging infrastructure construction, managing the operation and safety of charging facilities, and monitoring whether the subsidies for charging facilities are actually operated.


A large modern enterprise group in Shanghai

PowerShare “one-stop supporting solution” integrates power control board, intelligent motherboard, communication module and operation monitoring system which matching rate is very high. This not only saves the technical cost of the charging pile manufacturer, but also shortens the development cycle of the charging pile, which was generally required for more than half a year, to one month.


A well-known automobile company

PowerShare charging control products provide a safe charging solution for our electric vehicles. The eControl million-level switch durability is much longer than the electric vehicle battery cycle, which fully guarantees the life cycle of the electric vehicle.

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